Main technical differences in the processing of broilers: a comparison between slaughterhouses in Brazil and UK

Bailone, R.L., de Oliveira Roça, R., de Aguiar, L. and Harris, M.J. (2016) Main technical differences in the processing of broilers: a comparison between slaughterhouses in Brazil and UK. Journal of Agricultural Science and Technology A, 6 (2).

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Rapid technological advances in chicken processing in plants around the world have meant that different techniques are being employed regarding the slaughter’s flow process. This paper aimed to compare and contrast systems and practices in two large slaughterhouses—one in UK and the other in Brazil. Annotated observations were made during inspection visits to chicken slaughterhouses in the two countries between 2014 and 2016. Whilst there were similarities in the two systems, there are also clear differences. The Brazilian case is evidently adapted for a more tropical condition, rather than the temperate one in UK. The handling practices of birds used during transportation, waiting, stunning as well as pre-cooling differ in techniques employed and consequently likely their efficiencies. In UK, the practices are more geared towards water and energy saving. The difference in market conditions and the length of the respective supply chains also determine the type of primary packaging used in final products. Both countries adhere to similar rulings applied to slaughterhouses. However, in the Brazilian case, it tended to comply with mainly external market demands. In conclusion, managers in the Brazilian poultry system could consider looking into adopting some of the practices used in UK, such as cage/crate dimension which reduce bird’s lesions and bruises; the use of stunning by modified atmosphere and pre-cooling for resource efficiency reasons and improvement in animal welfare. Finally, when distances between sites of production and consumption are great such as in Brazil, the use of modified atmosphere technology could be also further explored to ensure better quality of the final product.

Item Type: Article
Keywords: Abattoir, chicken, food technology, food security, poultry
Divisions: Food Science and Agri-food Supply Chain Management
Animal Production, Welfare and Veterinary Sciences
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