Exogenous tannase improves feeding value of a diet containing field beans (Vicia faba) when fed to broilers

Abdulla, J.M., Rose, S.P., Mackenzie, A.M., Mirza, M.W. and Pirgozliev, V. (2016) Exogenous tannase improves feeding value of a diet containing field beans (Vicia faba) when fed to broilers. British Poultry Science, 57 (2). pp. 246-250.

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A total of 72 male Ross 308 broilers were used in a study to investigate the effect of dietary tannase on apparent metabolisable energy (AME), coefficients of dry matter retention (DMR) and nitrogen retention (NR) and fat digestibility (FD) of a diet containing 300 g/kg field beans (Vicia faba). Growth performance variables and gastrointestinal tract development were also measured. Two treatments were used in this study: control (C) and C + 3400 tannase units (TU) per kg feed. Diets were formulated to be nutritionally adequate with the exception that the AME was lower than recommended (12.65 vs 12.97 MJ/kg, respectively). Inclusion of tannase increased AME by 0.4 MJ/kg DM. Tannase supplementation improved dietary DMR, NR and FD by 2.8%, 3.2% and 6.5%, respectively. Birds given tannase had 4.4% reduction in feed intake and 2.6% improvement in gain to feed ratio (P < 0.05). Compared to control diet, birds given tannase had reduced relative to body weight (%BW) proventriculus and gizzard and pancreas weights, 3.29% vs 3.09% and 0.47% vs 0.44%, respectively. The mechanisms of action of the studied enzyme require further elucidation.

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