Hydraulic Redistribution from Wet to Drying Roots of Potatoes (Solanum tubersosum L.) During Partial Rootzone Drying

Saeed, H., Grove, I.G., Kettlewell, P.S., Hall, N.W., Fairchild, I.J. and Boomer, I. (2015) Hydraulic Redistribution from Wet to Drying Roots of Potatoes (Solanum tubersosum L.) During Partial Rootzone Drying. Advances in Crop Science and Technology, 03 (01).

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Hydraulic redistribution, redistribution of water upward or downward within a soil profile through roots as a consequence of root-soil water potential gradients, can be an important mechanism in transporting chemical signals (i.e. abscisic acid) to the shoot for stomatal closure or in maintaining the root system during dry periods of partial rootzone drying (PRD). PRD involves alternate irrigation to two sides of a plant root system. The study reported here investigated the occurrence and magnitude of hydraulic redistribution in glasshouse-grown potatoes (Solanum tuberosum L.) under PRD. Deuterium labelled water was applied to only one half of the root system to field capacity at tuber initiation. The roots from the drying side of the dual pot were extracted at 3, 6, 12, 18 and 24 h following watering by the dry sieving method. Water from the roots was extracted by azeotropic distillation and analysed for hydrogen isotope ratios. Hydraulic redistribution occurred the most at night when stomatal conductance was considerably lower and leaf water potential was higher (less negative). The magnitude of the redistributed water, however, did not exceed 3.5%, indicating limited water redistribution under PRD. The observed water redistribution would probably be of little significance for the survival of roots present in the upper drier portion of the soil under higher water demanding conditions but its role in sending the chemical signals to the shoot to conserve water by reducing transpiration would be of particular significance during drying periods of partial rootzone drying.

Item Type: Article
Keywords: Potatoes, Partial rootzone drying, Hydraulic redistribution, Water utilization, Stomatal conductance, Leaf water potential
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