Effect of silicate on arsenic fractionation in soils and its accumulation in rice plants

Wu, C., Zou, Q., Xue, S., Pan, W., Yue, X., Hartley, W., Huang, L. and Mo, J. (2016) Effect of silicate on arsenic fractionation in soils and its accumulation in rice plants. Chemosphere, 165. pp. 478-486.

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Four rice genotypes, two hybrid and two indica, were selected to investigate the effects of silicate (Si) application on arsenic (As) accumulation and speciation in rice and As fractionation in soil. There were significant differences in root, straw and grain biomass among genotypes (p < 0.05), and Si application significantly increased root (p < 0.05) and grain biomass (p < 0.001). Silicate addition reduced the proportion of As associated with well-crystallized hydrous oxides of Fe and Al and residual phases, whilst increasing the proportions of specifically-sorbed As and As associated with amorphous and poorly-crystalline Fe and Al hydrous oxides. Furthermore, the results indicated that the fraction proportions of non-specifically sorbed, specifically-sorbed, and associated with amorphous and poorly-crystalline hydrous oxides of Fe and Al in rhizosphere soils, were greater than non-rhizosphere soils. Silicate application had a significant effect decreasing total As concentrations in root (p < 0.005), straw (p < 0.05) and husk (p < 0.001) of rice plants. The effect of Si on reducing As accumulation in rice leaves was revealed by SXRF. Indica genotypes transported and accumulated less As than hybrid genotypes. Both percentage and concentration of iAs were lower in indica genotype XFY-9 than in hybrid genotype XWX-12. Silicate reduced iAs and DMA by 21% and 58% in grain (polished) respectively. DMA may have a greater translocation capacity from straw to grain (polished) than inorganic As. The study provides the potential for understanding As uptake mechanisms in rice and mitigating the health risks posed by As contamination in paddy fields.

Item Type: Article
Keywords: Arsenic, Arsenic fractionation, Radial oxygen loss, Rice, Silicate
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