Food ethics: a decision making tool for the food industry?

Early, R. (2002) Food ethics: a decision making tool for the food industry? International Journal of Food Science and Technology, 37. pp. 339-349.

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he modern food industry is able to exercise great power and influence over society. It acts as an agent of social change and, consequently, functions as a form of moral agent. Although the industry as a whole may be thought of as `the' moral agent, the moral and ethical standing of the industry is a reflection of the moral and ethical values of the executives who lead the businesses that constitute the industry. With increasing competitiveness in the food marketplace, the use of developments in science and technology to create new food products, and the distancing of consumers from practical involvement with food, other than eating, many issues arise which must be managed sensitively if the food industry's conduct and place in society is to be seen as morally acceptable and ethically supportable. These issues are issues of food ethics. Some issues in food ethics are considered and food ethics is proposed as a tool for decision making within the food industry, for the benefit of people and society, and the food industry itself. <br>

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