The effect of storage on the quality properties of Oilseed Rape straw pellets.

Chico-Santamarta, L., Humphries, A., White, D.R., Chaney, K. and Godwin, R.J. (2010) The effect of storage on the quality properties of Oilseed Rape straw pellets. European Pellet Conference, World Sustainable Energy Days, Linz, Austria..

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With the growing demand for biomass for alternative energy supplies, it would be prudent to investigate alternative sources of energy. The layer study of which this is part will investigate the effect of pre and post pelletization storage on the quality and combustion properties of oilseed rape straw, which, unlike wood pellets, have had little or no detailed research upon the variation of the physical, chemical, biological and combustion properties over the period of storage. This paper focuses on the effect of storage time on oilseed rape straw pellets in terms of pellet quality. The quality of oilseed rape straw pellets was assessed in terms of durability, hardness and particle density. Results show the quality of the pellets is affected by storage time. The durability and particle density of pellets increased between 2 weeks and 3 months storage, before decreasing up to 12 months storage. The hardness of pellets continuously increases during the 12 months storage. It is clear storage time influenced the properties of OSR straw pellets, but it is suspected that there are other factors (e.g. binder, raw material, natural variations) that could be affecting these quality parameters.

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