Effect of phosphogypsum and poultry manure on aggregate-associated alkaline characteristics in bauxite residue

Xue, S., Ke, W., Zhu, F., Ye, Y., Liu, Z., Fan, J. and Hartley, W. (2020) Effect of phosphogypsum and poultry manure on aggregate-associated alkaline characteristics in bauxite residue. Journal of Environmental Management, 256.

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Bauxite residue is a highly alkaline solid waste with poor physical structure which ultimately limits plant growth. Ecological reconstruction is an effective strategy to improve its environmental management, although soil formation process still requires further investigation. Here, an incubation experiment was used to investigate the effects of phosphogypsum and poultry manure, on aggregate size distribution and aggregate-associated exchangeable bases of bauxite residue. Phosphogypsum and poultry manure additions significantly increased the proportion of 2–1 mm residue aggregates and enhanced mean weight diameter (MWD) of residues in the 0–20 cm and 20–40 cm layers, although little effect was evident in the 40–60 cm layer. Phosphogypsum addition reduced pH and EC values to approximately 8.5 and 200 mS/cm in different size aggregates at 0–20 cm. Exchangeable Ca2+ concentration was improved, especially in 0.25–0.05 mm and <0.05 mm aggregates, following amendment additions. The relative contents of katoite and cancrinite in >0.25 mm aggregate fractions were relatively higher, which was consistent with changes in pH. Phosphogypsum and poultry manure changed the microstructure and surrounding pores of residue aggregates, whilst the concentration of Ca on microaggregate surfaces was higher than that on macroaggregates. These findings reveal that application of phosphogypsum and poultry manure directly alter the distribution of exchangeable bases and alkaline indicators within residue aggregates, resulting in aggregate size distribution and microstructure variations.

Item Type: Article
Keywords: Bauxite residue, Red mud, Amendments addition, Aggregate stability, Aggregate-associated alkaline characteristics, Soil formation
Divisions: Crop and Environment Sciences
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Date Deposited: 20 Dec 2019 15:59
Last Modified: 16 Dec 2020 05:10
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