Experiments and analysis advance R2100 distance sensors used for safety systems of TOMI

Wane, S., Zhao, C., Blackmore, S. and Warbrick, M. (2020) Experiments and analysis advance R2100 distance sensors used for safety systems of TOMI. American Journal of Remote Sensing, 8 (2). pp. 50-57.

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In order to increase safety systems reliability of TOMI harvester, it is necessary to use advance R2100 Distance sensors which can scan all kinds of targets and receive data from automatic control system. The Structure and function of R2100 Distance sensors were provided in this paper, In order to determine the best application function of the R2100, effectiveness of R2100 sensors used for TOMI robot with robotic cutting forage were tested and analyzed. For application in precision agricultural engineering automatic control safety systems, static tests were applied with a box, cylinder, cone and person as 4 target samples which were set at different points and lines with each segment at 8° angle within 11 segments, the target samples were set at 0°, 14°, 44°, 74° and 88° angles with the reference of the sensor at centre, respectively, samples represent obstacles such as tractors, telegraph pole, car, and person which were detected and received by TOMI equipped with R2100 Distance sensors. TOMI Robot equipped with R2100 sensors setting at 240, 420 and 850 mm height, respectively, were set location at about 0.2m, 0.3m, 0.5m, 1m, 1.5m, 2m, 2.5m, 3m, 3.5m and then added up to 0.5 m step up to 10 m with the reference of R2100 sensor in semicircle centre, respectively. In dynamistic testing, the target samples were set at the same method and location, and TOMI robot equipped with Advance R2100 sensors was running at speed of 0.8~1.2 m/s from 5 m to the test centre in dynamistic tests. Tests and statistical evaluate results showed that the average R2 on TOMI robot was up to 98.96% in static tests, while the average R2 is up to 98.67% in dynamistic test, and as far as TOMI robot’s safety system, 420 mm height was the best location for scanning all kinds of obstacles. The experiment results showed that the Advance R2100 was accurate sensor for application, it had been carried out on TOMI's intelligence safety systems which more practical and safety working in various fields.

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Keywords: Distance Sensor, Safety, Structure and Function, Data, Tests and Analysis
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