Evaluating irrigated rice yields in Japan within the climate zonation scheme of the global yield gap atlas

Ishikawa, S., Nakashima, T., Iizumi, T. and Hare, M.C. (2021) Evaluating irrigated rice yields in Japan within the climate zonation scheme of the global yield gap atlas. The Journal of Agricultural Science. pp. 1-12.

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The Global Yield Gap Atlas (GYGA) is an international project that addresses global food production capacity in the form of yield gaps (Yg). The GYGA project is unique in employing its original Climate Zonation Scheme (CZS) composed of three indexed factors, i.e. Growing Degree Days (GDD) related to temperature, Aridity Index (AI) related to available water and Temperature Seasonality (TS) related to annual temperature range, creating 300 Climate Zones (CZs) theoretically across the globe. In the present study, the GYGA CZs were identified for Japan on a municipality basis and analysis of variance (ANOVA) was performed on irrigated rice yield data sets, equating to actual yields (Ya) in the GYGA context, from long-term government statistics. The ANOVA was conducted for the data sets over two decades between 1994 and 2016 by assigning the GDD score of 6 levels and the TS score of 2 levels as fixed factors. Significant interactions with respect to Ya were observed between GDD score and TS score for 13 years out of 21 years implying the existence of favourable combinations of the GDD score and the TS score for rice cultivation. The implication was also supported by the observation with Yg. The lower values of coefficient of variance obtained from the CZs characterized by medium GDD scores indicated the stability over time of rice yields in these areas. These findings suggest a possibility that the GYGA-CZS can be recognized as a tool suitable to identify favourable CZs for growing crops.

Item Type: Article
Keywords: Climate classification, GYGA, Japonica rice, municipalities, spatial framework
Divisions: Agriculture and Environment (from 1.08.20)
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Date Deposited: 16 Apr 2021 15:35
Last Modified: 22 Jul 2021 11:30
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