Refining the metabolisable energy value of field beans for turkeys

Pirgozliev, V., Mansbridge, S.C., Abdulla, J.M., Whiting, I.M., Mirza, M.W., Yang, Z. and Rose, S.P. (2023) Refining the metabolisable energy value of field beans for turkeys. British Poultry Science. ISSN 1466-1799 (In Press)

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1. This study examined the feeding value of ten UK grown field bean (Vicia faba L. var. minor) cultivar samples from the same harvest year on nitrogen corrected apparent metabolisable energy (AMEn) and nutrient retention coefficients when fed to young female turkeys. 2. A balancer feed (BF) was formulated to contain 12.39 MJ/kg ME and 269 g/kg crude protein. Ten nutritionally complete, mash diets were prepared by mixing 200 g/kg of each ground field bean cultivar with 800 g/kg of the BF, totalling eleven diets. Diets were fed to female BUT Premium turkeys from 40 to 50 d of age. Each diet was fed to eight raised floor pens, housing two birds, following randomisation. The AMEn was determined by the total collection technique over the last 4 d of the study. Relationships were examined between AMEn, chemical composition and quality variables of the field bean samples. 3. The overall determined AMEn value of the beans ranged from 7.72 MJ/kg DM to 9.87 MJ/kg DM, giving an average AMEn of 8.80 MJ/kg DM (P<0.05). The soluble non-starch polysaccharide (NSP) content of the beans negatively correlated with their determined AMEn (r=-0.730; P<0.05). Bean flour lightness-darkness degree (L*) correlated positively with the AMEn (r=-0.643; P<0.05) 4. A positive correlation was observed between the degree of yellowness-blueness of bean flour and condensed tannins content (r=0.696; P<0.05). Step-wise regression indicated that soluble NSP + L* of field beans provided explanatory variables suitable for estimating the AMEn value for turkeys (r2=0.737; P<0.05).

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