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Taha, V., Huntington, J.A., Wilkinson, R.G. and Davies, D.R. (2022) The effect of supplemented chestnut tannin to grass silage either at ensiling or at feeding on lamb performance, carcass characteristics and meat quality. Agricultural and Food Science, 31 (3). pp. 175-186.

Till, B.E., Huntington, J.A., Kliem, K.E., Taylor-Pickard, J. and Sinclair, L.A. (2020) Long term dietary supplementation with microalgae increases plasma docosahexaenoic acid in milk and plasma but does not affect plasma 13,14-dihydro-15-keto PGF2╬▒ concentration in dairy cows. Journal of Dairy Research.

Till, B.E., Huntington, J.A., Posri, W., Early, R., Taylor-Pickard, J. and Sinclair, L.A. (2019) Influence of rate of inclusion of microalgae on the sensory characteristics and fatty acid composition of cheese and performance of dairy cows. Journal of Dairy Science.

Kirby, M.E., Theodorou, M.K., Brizuela, C.M., Huntington, J.A., Powles, J. and Wilkinson, R.G. (2018) The anaerobic digestion of pig carcase with or without sugar beet pulp, as a novel on-farm disposal method. Waste Management, 75. pp. 251-260.

Ansah, T., Wilkinson, R.G. and Huntington, J.A. (2018) Effects of tropical browse plants on in vitro rumen protein degradability. Livestock Research for Rural Development, 30 (3).

Asson, T., White, D.R., Huntington, J.A., Humphries, A., Walley, K. and Goodall, S. (2017) Key dimensions of personal innovativeness. International Journal of Business Innovation and Research, 12 (2).

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Hart, K.J., Sinclair, L.A., Wilkinson, R.G. and Huntington, J.A. (2011) Effect of whole-crop pea (Pisum sativum L.) silages differing in condensed tannin content as a substitute for grass silage and soybean meal on the performance, metabolism, and carcass characteristics of lambs. Journal of Animal Science, 89 (11). pp. 3663-3676.

Sinclair, L.A., Hart, K.J., Wilkinson, R.G. and Huntington, J.A. (2009) Effects of inclusion of whole-crop pea silages differing in their tannin content on the performance of dairy cows fed high or low protein concentrate. Livestock Science, 124. pp. 306-313.

Sinclair, L.A., Huntington, J.A. and Wilde, D. (2008) Partial replacement of soyabean meal and rapeseed meal with a slow release urea source (Optigen® II) and its effect on microbial growth and metabolism in vitro. Proceedings of the British Society of Animal Science Annual Conference, 31 March - 2 April, Scarborough, Paper 224..

Sinclair, L.A., Cooper, S.L., Huntington, J.A., Wilkinson, R.G., Hallett, K.G, Enser, M. and Wood, J.D. (2005) In vitro biohydrogenation of n-3 polyunsaturated fatty acids protected against ruminal microbial metabolism. Animal Feed Science and Technology, 123 (Part 2). pp. 579-596.

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