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Gill, M.C. and Walters, K.F.A. (2022) Potential use of floral nectar sugar characteristics in plant selection for pollinator habitats. Journal of Apicultural Research.

Petrovskii, S., Ellis, J., Forbes, E., Petrovskaya, N. and Walters, K.F.A. (2022) A predictive model and a field study on heterogeneous slug distribution in arable fields arising from density dependent movement. Scientific Reports, 12 (1).

Ryder, J.T., Cherrill, A., Thompson, H.M. and Walters, K.F.A. (2021) Lower pollen nutritional quality delays nest building and egg laying in Bombus terrestris audax micro-colonies leading to reduced biomass gain. Apidologie.

Forbes, E., Back, M.A., Brooks, A., Petrovskaya, N. B., Petrovskii, S., Pope, T.W. and Walters, K.F.A. (2020) Stability of patches of higher population density within the heterogenous distribution of the Gray Field slug Deroceras reticulatum in arable fields in the UK. Insects, 12 (9).

Ellis, J., Petrovskaya, N., Forbes, E., Walters, K.F.A. and Petrovskii, S. (2020) Movement patterns of the grey field slug (Deroceras reticulatum) in an arable field. Scientific Reports, 10 (1).

Forbes, E., Back, M.A., Brooks, A., Petrovskaya, N.B., Petrovskii, S., Pope, T.W. and Walters, K.F.A. (2020) Locomotor behaviour promotes stability of the patchy distribution of slugs in arable fields: tracking the movement of individual Deroceras reticulatum. Pest Management Science.

Petrovskaya, N.B., Ellis, J.R., Forbes, E. and Walters, K.F.A. (2020) Modelling a targeted use of pesticide procedure for pest populations with heterogeneous spatial distributions. Ecological Modelling, 427 (109059).

Ryder, J.T., Cherrill, A., Prew, R., Shaw, J., Thorbek, P. and Walters, K.F.A. (2019) Impact of enhanced Osmia bicornis (Hymenoptera: Megachilidae) populations on pollination and fruit quality in commercial sweet cherry (Prunus avium L.) orchards. Journal of Apicultural Research.

Petrovskaya, N., Forbes, E., Petrovskii, S. and Walters, K.F.A. (2018) Towards the development of a more accurate monitoring procedure for invertebrate populations, in the presence of an unknown spatial pattern of population distribution in the field. Insects, 9 (1).

James, K.L., Randall, N.P., Walters, K.F.A., Haddaway, N.R. and Land, M. (2016) Evidence for the effects of neonicotinoids used in arable crop production on non-target organisms and concentrations of residues in relevant matrices: a systematic map protocol. Environmental Evidence, 5 (1).

Walters, K.F.A. and Didham, R. (2016) Neonicotinoids, bees and opportunity costs for conservation. Insect Conservation and Diversity, 9 (5). pp. 375-383.

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