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Williams, E., Sadler, J., Rutter, S.M., Mancini, C., Nawroth, C., Neary, J.M., Ward, S.J., Charlton, G.L. and Beaver, A. (2024) Human-animal interactions and machine-animal interactions in animals under human care: A summary of stakeholder and researcher perceptions and future directions. Animal Welfare, 33. ISSN 0962-7286

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Williams, E., Carter, A. and Boyd, J. (2021) Kinetics and kinematics of working trials dogs: the impact of long jump length on peak vertical landing force and joint angulation. Animals, 11 (10).

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Williams, E., Carter, A., Rendle, J. and Ward, S. J. (2021) Understanding impacts of zoo visitors: quantifying behavioural changes of two popular zoo species during COVID-19 closures. Applied Animal Behaviour Science, 236.

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