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Gilmore, S.P., Lankiewicz, T.S., Wilken, S.E., Brown, J.L., Sexton, J.A., Henske, J.K., Theodorou, M.K., Valentine, D.L. and O’Malley, M.A. (2019) Top-Down enrichment guides in formation of synthetic microbial consortia for biomass degradation. ACS Synthetic Biology, 8 (9). pp. 2174-2185.

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Book Section

Peng, X., Swift, C.L., Theodorou, M.K. and O'Malley, M.A. (2018) Methods for genomic characterization and maintenance of anaerobic fungi. In: Fungal genomics: methods and protocols. Springer, New York, pp. 53-67.

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