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Bailone, R.L., Borra, R.C., Fukushima, H.C.S. and de Aguiar, L. (2022) Water reuse in the food industry. Discover Food, 2.

Bailone, R.L., Fukushima, H.C.S., de Aguiar, L. and Borra, R.C. (2022) The endocannabinoid system in zebrafish and its potential to study the effects of Cannabis in humans. Laboratory Animal Research, 38 (5).

Barboza Martignone, G., Behrendt, K. and Paparas, D. (2022) Price transmission analysis of the international soybean market in a trade war context. Economies, 10 (8).

Boereboom, A., Mongondry, P., de Aguiar, L., Urbano, B., Jiang, Z., de Koning, W. and Vriesekoop, F. (2022) Identifying consumer groups and their characteristics based on their willingness to engage with cultured meat: a comparison of four European countries. Foods, 11 (2).

Boereboom, A., Sheikh, M., Islam, T., Achirimbi, E. and Vriesekoop, F. (2022) Brits and British Muslims and their perceptions of cultured meat: how big is their willingness to purchase? Food Frontiers.


Ciont, C., Epuran, A., Kerezsi, A.D., Coldea, T.E., Mudura, E., Pasqualone, A., Zhao, H., Suharoschi, R., Vriesekoop, F. and Pop, O.L. (2022) Beer safety: new challenges and future trends within craft and large-scale production. Foods, 11 (17).


Dean, D., Rombach, M., Koning, W., Vriesekoop, F., Satyajaya, W., Yuliandari, P., Anderson, M., Mongondry, P., Urbano, B., Luciano, C.A.G., Hao, W., Eastwick, E., Achirimbi, E., Jiang, Z., Boereboom, A., Rashid, F., Khan, I., Alvarez, B. and de Aguiar, L. (2022) Understanding key factors influencing consumers’ willingness to try, buy, and pay a price premium for mycoproteins. Nutrients, 14 (16).

Diaz De Oleo, D., McIntyre, L., Randall, N.P., Nayak, R. and Manning, L. (2022) Systematic mapping of food safety outbreaks in the hospitality sector in the Dominican Republic. British Food Journal.

Diaz, D., McIntyre, L., Randall, N.P., Nayak, R. and Manning, L. (2022) A socio-technical approach to food safety incident analysis using the AcciMap model in the hospitality sector. Food Control.


Huang, I.Y., James, K.L., Thamthanakoon, N., Pinitjitsamut, P., Rattanamanee, N., Pinitjitsamut, M., Yamklin, S. and Lowenberg-DeBoer, J.M. (2022) Economic outcomes of rubber-based agroforestry systems: a systematic review and narrative synthesis. Agroforestry Systems.


Lopez Barrera, E., Peña-Lévano, L.M., Lowenberg-DeBoer, J.M., Fontanilla-Díaz, C.A. and Mosquera-Montoya, M. (2022) Sustainable businesses development in post-conflict zones: a case in rural Colombia. Journal of Agribusiness in Developing and Emerging Economies.

Lucchese-Cheung, T., de Aguiar, L., Lima, L.C., Spers, E.E., Quevedo-Silva, F., Alves, F. and Giolo de Almeida, R. (2022) Brazilian carbon neutral beef as an innovative product: consumption perspectives based on intentions’ framework. Journal of Food Products Marketing.


Maritan, E., Lowenberg-DeBoer, J.M., Behrendt, K. and Franklin, K. (2022) Economically optimal farmer supervision of crop robots. Smart Agricultural Technology, 3.


Rezitis, A.N. and Tremma, O. (2022) The linkage between international dairy commodity prices and volatility: a panel-GARCH analysis. Journal of Agribusiness in Developing and Emerging Economies.

Rombach, M., Dean, D., Vriesekoop, F., de Koning, W., Aguiar, L.K., Anderson, M., Mongondry, P., Oppong-Gyamfi, M., Urbano, B., Gómez Luciano, C., Hao, W., Eastwick, E., Jiang, Z. and Boereboom, A. (2022) Is cultured meat a promising consumer alternative? Exploring key factors determining consumer's willingness to try, buy and pay a premium for cultured meat. Appetite, 179.


Semou, V., Sergaki, P. and Tremma, O. (2022) The importance of the role of agricultural cooperatives in the development of the agricultural sector: the case of Greece. Indian Journal of Agricultural Research.

Smith, K. (2022) Piling on the pressure: Crime and stress in British farming. International Journal of Rural Criminology, 6 (2). pp. 197-222.

Sun, J., Zhai, N., Miao, J., Mu, H. and Li, W. (2022) How do heterogeneous environmental regulations affect the sustainable development of marine green economy? Empirical evidence from China's coastal areas. Ocean & Coastal Management, 232. ISSN 09645691


Vriesekoop, F., Russell, C., Tziboula-Clarke, A., Jan, C., Bois, M., Farley, S. and McNamara, A. (2022) The iconisation of yeast spreads—love them or hate them. Beverages, 8 (1).


Zheng, H., Zhang, L., Song, W. and Mu, H. (2022) Pollution heaven or pollution halo? Assessing the role of heterogeneous environmental regulation in the impact of foreign direct investment on green economic efficiency. Environmental Science and Pollution Research. ISSN 0944-1344

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