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Ashiq, S. (2022) Cultural control of Fusarium mycotoxins in cereal rotations through the application of biofumigation. Doctoral thesis, Harper Adams University.

Aung, K.M.M., Chen, H.H., Segar, S.T., Miao, B., Peng, Y. and Liu, C. (2022) Changes in temperature alter competitive interactions and overall structure of fig wasp communities. Journal of Animal Ecology.


Bailone, R.L., Borra, R.C., Fukushima, H.C.S. and de Aguiar, L. (2022) Water reuse in the food industry. Discover Food, 2.

Bailone, R.L., Fukushima, H.C.S., de Aguiar, L. and Borra, R.C. (2022) The endocannabinoid system in zebrafish and its potential to study the effects of Cannabis in humans. Laboratory Animal Research, 38 (5).

Bedson, C.P.E., Wheeler, P.M., Reid, N., Harris, W.E., Mallon, D., Caporn, S. and Preziosi, R.F. (2022) Highest densities of mountain hares ( Lepus timidus ) associated with ecologically restored bog but not grouse moorland management. Ecology and Evolution, 12 (4).

Boereboom, A., Mongondry, P., de Aguiar, L., Urbano, B., Jiang, Z., de Koning, W. and Vriesekoop, F. (2022) Identifying consumer groups and their characteristics based on their willingness to engage with cultured meat: a comparison of four European countries. Foods, 11 (2).

Brady, C., Asselin, J.A., Beer, S., Brurberg, M.B., Crampton, B., Venter, S., Arnold, D.L. and Denman, S. (2022) Rahnella perminowiae sp. nov., Rahnella bonaserana sp. nov., Rahnella rivi sp. nov. and Rahnella ecdela sp. nov., isolated from diverse environmental sources, and emended description of the genus Rahnella. International Journal of Systematic and Evolutionary Microbiology, 72 (1).


Cardenas, L.M., Oldershaw, L., Loick, N., Griffith, B.A., Hill, T., Evans, J.E., Cowan, N., Segura, C., Sint, H., Harris, P., McCalmont, J., Zhu, S., Dobermann, A. and Lee, M.R.F. (2022) CO2 fluxes from three different temperate grazed pastures using Eddy covariance measurements. Science of The Total Environment, 831.

Carter, A., Boyd, J. and Williams, E. (2022) Understanding the impact of scale height on the kinetics and kinematics of dogs in working trials. Frontiers in Veterinary Science, 8.

Charlton, G.L., Gauld, C., Veronesi, F., Rutter, S.M. and Bleach, E.C.L. (2022) Assessing the accuracy of leg mounted sensors for recording dairy cow behavioural activity at pasture, in cubicle housing and a straw yard. Animals, 12 (5).

Chowdhury, M.R. (2022) Low protein diets based on high protein forages for dairy cows: effects on performance, metabolism and nitrogen use efficiency. Doctoral thesis, Harper Adams University.

Cooke, A.S., Mullan, S., Morten, C., Hockenhull, J., Lee, M.R.F., Cardenas, L.M. and Rivero, M.J. (2022) V-QBA vs. QBA—How do video and live analysis compare for Qualitative Behaviour Assessment? Frontiers in Veterinary Science, 9.


Darwell, C.T., Souto‐Vilarós, D., Michalek, J., Boutsi, S., Isua, B., Sisol, M., Kuyaiva, T., Weiblen, G.D., Křivan, V., Novotny, V. and Segar, S.T. (2022) Predicting distributions of Wolbachia strains through host ecological contact—Who's manipulating whom? Ecology and Evolution, 12 (4).

Davies, S.J., Roderick, E., Brudenell‐Bruce, T., Bavington, C.D., Hartnett, F., Hyland, J., de Souza Valente, C. and Wan, A.H.L. (2022) Delivering a nutritionally enhanced tilapia fillet using a pre‐harvest phase omega‐3 thraustochytrids protist enriched diet. European Journal of Lipid Science and Technology.

Dempsey, J.J, Wilson, I., Spencer-Phillips, P.T.N. and Arnold, D.L. (2022) Uptake and translocation of foliar applied phosphite and its effect on growth and development in cool season turfgrass. Journal of Plant Nutrition.

Diaz De Oleo, D., McIntyre, L., Randall, N.P., Nayak, R. and Manning, L. (2022) Systematic mapping of food safety outbreaks in the hospitality sector in the Dominican Republic. British Food Journal.

Diaz, D., McIntyre, L., Randall, N.P., Nayak, R. and Manning, L. (2022) A socio-technical approach to food safety incident analysis using the AcciMap model in the hospitality sector. Food Control.


Edwards, S.G. (2022) Pydiflumetofen co-formulated with prothioconazole: a novel fungicide for fusarium head blight and deoxynivalenol control. Toxins, 14 (1).


Faralli, M., Weerasinghe, M.M., Leung, G., Marriott, R., Miles, M. and Kettlewell, P.S. (2022) Wax extracted from waste cauliflower leaves shows potential antitranspirant efficacy when applied to rapeseed plants. Agronomy, 12 (2).

Fezza, E., Roberts, J.M., Bruce, T.J.A., Walsh, L.E., Gaffney, M.T. and Pope, T.W. (2022) Optimising vine weevil, Otiorhynchus sulcatus F. (Coleoptera: Curculionidae), monitoring tool design. Insects, 13 (1).

Frampton, G., Whaley, P., Bennett, M., Bilotta, G., Dorne, J.C.M., Eales, J., James, K.L., Kohl, C., Land, M., Livoreil, B., Makowski, D., Muchiri, E., Petrokofsky, G., Randall, N.P. and Schofield, K. (2022) Principles and framework for assessing the risk of bias for studies included in comparative quantitative environmental systematic reviews. Environmental Evidence, 11 (12).


Hoarau, C., Campbell, H., Prince, G., Chandler, D. and Pope, T.W. (2022) Biological control agents against the cabbage stem flea beetle in oilseed rape crops. Biological Control, 167.

Hofgaard, I.S., Brodal, G., Almvik, M., Lillemo, M., Russenes, A.L., Edwards, S.G. and Aamot, H.U. (2022) Different resistance to DON versus HT2 + T2 producers in Nordic oat varieties. Toxins, 14 (5).

Huang, I.Y., James, K.L., Thamthanakoon, N., Pinitjitsamut, P., Rattanamanee, N., Pinitjitsamut, M., Yamklin, S. and Lowenberg-DeBoer, J.M. (2022) Economic outcomes of rubber-based agroforestry systems: a systematic review and narrative synthesis. Agroforestry Systems.


James, K.L., Millington, A. and Randall, N.P. (2022) Food and feed safety vulnerabilities in the circular economy. EFSA Supporting Publications, 19 (3).


Lamarre, G.P.A., Pardikes, N.A., Segar, S.T., Hackforth, C.N., Laguerre, M., Vincent, B., Lopez, Y., Perez, F., Bobadilla, R., Silva, J.A.R. and Basset, Y. (2022) More winners than losers over 12 years of monitoring tiger moths (Erebidae: Arctiinae) on Barro Colorado Island, Panama. Biology Letters, 18 (4).

Lucchese-Cheung, T., de Aguiar, L., Lima, L.C., Spers, E.E., Quevedo-Silva, F., Alves, F. and Giolo de Almeida, R. (2022) Brazilian carbon neutral beef as an innovative product: consumption perspectives based on intentions’ framework. Journal of Food Products Marketing.


Mansell, S.E. and Behnke, M.C. (2022) Onchocerca cervicalis: a survey into awareness and knowledge of the parasite amongst UK equine veterinarians. Journal of Equine Veterinary Science, 114.

Mhango, J.K. (2022) Investigation of the potential for precision soil and crop growth mapping to improve potato (Solanum tuberosum L.) tuber size distribution at harvest. Doctoral thesis, Harper Adams University.

Mäntylä, E., Jorge, L.R., Koane, B., Sam, K., Segar, S.T., Volf, M., Weinhold, A. and Novotny, V. (2022) Ficus trees with upregulated or downregulated defence did not impact predation on their neighbours in a tropical rainforest. Arthropod-Plant Interactions.


Palczynski, L.J., Bleach, E.C.L., Brennan, M.L. and Robinson, P.A. (2022) Youngstock management as “The key for everything”? Perceived value of calves and the role of calf performance monitoring and advice on dairy farms. Frontiers in Animal Science, 3.

Petrovskii, S., Ellis, J., Forbes, E., Petrovskaya, N. and Walters, K.F.A. (2022) A predictive model and a field study on heterogeneous slug distribution in arable fields arising from density dependent movement. Scientific Reports, 12 (1).

Pirgozliev, V., Rose, S.P., Mirza, M.W., Whiting, I.M., Malins, H., Bauer, L. and Lemme, A. (2022) Feeding guanidinoacetic acid to broiler chickens can compensate for low dietary metabolisable energy formulation. British Poultry Science.

Pope, T.W. and Roberts, J.M. (2022) Vine weevil, Otiorhynchus sulcatus (Coleoptera: Curculionidae), management: current state and future perspectives. Annual Review of Entomology, 67. pp. 221-238.

Pullin, A.S., Cheng, S.H., Jackson, J., Eales, J., Envall, I., Fada, S.J., Frampton, G.K., Harper, M., Kadykalo, A.N., Kohl, C., Konno, K., Livoreil, B., Ouédraogo, D., O’Leary, B.C., Pullin, G., Randall, N.P., Rees, R., Smith, A., Sordello, R., Sterling, E.J., Twardek, W.M. and Woodcock, P. (2022) Standards of conduct and reporting in evidence syntheses that could inform environmental policy and management decisions. Environmental Evidence, 11 (16).


Rezitis, A.N. and Tremma, O. (2022) The linkage between international dairy commodity prices and volatility: a panel-GARCH analysis. Journal of Agribusiness in Developing and Emerging Economies.

Rivero, M.J. and Lee, M.R.F. (2022) A perspective on animal welfare of grazing ruminants and its relationship with sustainability. Animal Production Science.

Robinson, P.A. (2022) Bringing livestock back into the fold: animal research in the Annals of Applied Biology —past, present and future. Annals of Applied Biology.


Stewart, R., Aronson, J.K., Barends, E., Boruch, R., Brennan, M.L., Chislett, J., Cunliffe-Jones, P., Maynard, B., Oxman, M., Pullin, A., Randall, N.P., Sharples, J., Stott, J. and Vale, L. (2022) Lessons from working across fields to develop a framework for informed choices. Research for All, 6 (1).


Vriesekoop, F., Russell, C., Tziboula-Clarke, A., Jan, C., Bois, M., Farley, S. and McNamara, A. (2022) The iconisation of yeast spreads—love them or hate them. Beverages, 8 (1).


Woodgate, S.L., Wan, A.H.L., Hartnett, F., Wilkinson, R.G. and Davies, S.J. (2022) The utilisation of European processed animal proteins as safe, sustainable and circular ingredients for global aquafeeds. Reviews in Aquaculture.

Wright, A.J.D., Stevens, M., Back, M.A. and Sparkes, D.L. (2022) A new method to validate and compare varietal resistance and yield tolerance of sugar beet ( Beta vulgaris ) against the beet cyst nematode, Heterodera schachtii Schmidt. Pest Management Science. (In Press)


Yu, H., Zhang, Z., Liu, L., Cheng, Y., Deng, X., Segar, S.T. and Compton, S.G. (2022) Asymmetric sharing of pollinator fig wasps between two sympatric dioecious fig trees: a reflection of supply and demand or differences in the size of their figs? Botanical Studies, 63 (7).

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